Andre Jacobs, Founder & CEO

Andre Jacobs (he/him) is an author, speaker, trial litigator, and founder and CEO of Supreme Network Global. He grew up dirt poor in the ghettos of Harrisburg, PA. Incarcerated in adult prison for crimes he committed when he was 15, he entered the system unable to read or write. Through struggle, real blood, sweat, and tears, Andre completed school, wrote seven books, won massive lawsuits, attained a paralegal's degree, and sacrificed decades of his life to be a voice for Supreme Network Global. Follow Andre on Instagram and Twitter.

Lara Schenck, Web Developer & Technical Advisor

Lara Schenck (she/her) is an artist turned software engineer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She is passionate about equity in computing education, and is working to make computer science education accessible to incarcerated people through mail-based courses and mentorship programs. Read more at her website,

Erin Casey, Director of Social Media

Erin Casey (she/they) is based near Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from Framingham State University in 2019 with a degree in Sociology and Criminology. They are currently working as an advocate for currently and formerly incarcerated people in a Reentry program. Erin loves being in community with others and the opportunity to contribute to Supreme Network Global.