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Affiliate Marketing

This system was created for everyone who spends time online to make money while you’re at it. By posting our merchandise on your page and social media, you will be paid half of the sale price of each book every single time someone buys a copy using the special code assigned to you. This is how you make money while you sleep.

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To excel, you should use your creativity in promoting the books; by reading passages, displaying images or creating videos. You can do Live videos, interviews or combine other technology to show people the benefits of buying these books. There is no limit to the amount you can be paid. Sometimes just posting a short quote from the book with the cover art will work.

Share this program with any and all of your friends. There are hundreds of millions of people who need these books; do not feel like you should keep it to yourself.

Whoever sells the most books each week will be given an award.

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