Thinking Outside of the Box

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Written by Carrington A. Keys

In this business world today, creativity and ingenuity are rewarded by recognition and profits. All great minds have at least one skill in common: making the most of the opportunities presented. Every inventor that has ever existed had to face the reality that his or her ideas would be rejected or criticized by others. However, the fear of unacceptability did not stop their ideas from becoming an objective reality. It has been said with much truth by hockey legend Wayne Gretsky: "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." Ideas are like ammunition. If you continue to produce and execute them, eventually you will hit your target.

Thinking outside of the box means not being afraid of doing something different from everyone else. Thinking outside of the box is taking an already existing market and upgrading it with creative innovation.

Take an already existing land mass formerly used for horseback riding and converting it into a bike riding park. For a small fee of $30, customers can ride dirt-bikes, four-wheelers and mopeds for all business hours.

Another example of thinking outside of the box was the creation of the omni-directional vehicle. Omni-directional vehicles are vehicles which have four independent wheels controlled by a joystick. Omni-vehicles can turn full circle and diagonally without swinging around the way a car does.

The technology for omni-vehicles was created by a Swedish inventor and purchased by the US Navy. Many companies viewed this technology but decided it was not worth their investment. However, Peter Amico via the Airtrax Co. took a risk and purchased this technology from the US Navy for S2500 as part of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement. Although Airtrax did not invent the technology for omni-vehicles, they took the risk and introduced the omni-vehicle to the commercial market.

There are numerous examples everywhere of inventions from people who thought outside of the box. Things we may take for granted now such as telephones, photographs, televisions, cars and airplanes are examples of thoughts outside of ordinary scope. When men and women dare to think creatively and stick to their dreams, great inventions become a reality. Supreme Network has crossed out the word "impossible" from our dictionary.

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