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People were so sure Andre Jacobs would never amount to much in life. Son of a Marine and a "welfare mom" with a drinking problem, Andre spent the first six years of his life receiving live lessons on child abuse and domestic violence in his Harrisburg, Pennsylvania project home. Then it was off to hospitals and group homes for PTSD treatment, and more dangerous environments where those early lessons on violence would save his life everyday.

When the "pipeline" led Andre to state prison at the age of 15, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections buried him in solitary confinement for 17 years straight because of his advocacy in exposing corruption within the system. Naked and cold, beaten and sprayed like a roach. Deprived and hated, each time Andre dug a hole for oxygen and light, the system collaborated to shut him up with lies and public persecutions that extended a three year sentence to 20. Refusing to be broken, Andre taught himself to read and write, obtained his G.E.D. and a paralegal's degree, and has won hundreds of thousands of dollars acting as his own lawyer in federal court multiple times.

Left with just his demons, his thoughts, and a straw ink pen, Andre created a vision where poverty or lack of social status would never justify injustice to any human being, and through collective unity the people could reshape the world to not only cure the social ills plaguing society but stand on top of them as one world-wide power group when it's over – not as victims but as winners.

Welcome to Supreme Network.