The Biggest Lie Leaders Ever Told

Posted by Andre Jacobs on

That we are all victims. In reality, every human being who walks earth is supreme, in their own way. No matter where you are from, what you represent or what you have been through, there is greatness inside of you.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior that without your consent." Supreme Network wishes to put to rest the fallacy that we, the target class of America, are inferior, weak, victims. Our history of perseverance and resilience since the beginning of time proves that we are an indomitable force combined; energy, air, great minds and hearts connected across all lands,waters and barriers. Being a winner begins with thinking like one, capitalizing on our strengths while improving our weaknesses at the same time.

I know that it is soothing to the human conscience and ego to take credit for all the good and blame the rest on God, "life" or the government. But, since we have free will, that means our thoughts create conditions, our bodies create life. The beauties and ills of the world are the result of our own thoughts and actions, because "All that man achieves and all that main fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts" (James Allen). It is we who have to correct ourselves to see that the universe is just and correct.

This world offers us invaluable "natural resources"; beautiful trees, fascinating animals, amazing people to know and love, and the mental capacity to create, or to destroy. How are using our powers? Do our collective actions show that we appreciate what we have? It is only when we alter ourselves towards the people and things that make life possible that the universe will alter itself towards us. Aimlessness is a vice. We, as a unified must cause a direct link between thought and purpose or there will be no intelligent accomplishment.

To win, we can start by ceasing our fight against the "effects" of oppression and focus on the causes, the chief one being that no victory will be had where generations of people are being taught that they are inferior to those who oppress them. The talk about "rights" of any kind is just talk, as as a right has no material value unless or until it can be enforced. Although "the government" often gets the credit for it, we are divided because we allow our selves to be divided. We are '"victims" because we accept that role. Thinking supremely entails a willingness to push ourselves to our highest potential and refusing to accept roles or titles other people give us. Amos Wilson described the self-defeating mentality that holds us back this way:

The often anemic self-concept of subordinate persons and groups, their low self-esteem, their ignorance or their actual strengths, are more the causes of their subordination than is the actual
strength of their oppressor.

Sometimes our worst enemies are our own memories. We think, act and react like victims because of how we see ourselves in relation to the oppressor. Not only has the idea that we are inferior been beaten into us literally, it is systematically reinforced through various media outlets. These messages then take root in our minds and find life in our thoughts and eventually our speeches and arguments. The mouths and pens which many of these speeches and arguments flow from are usually the ones we trust the most.

The so-called leaders of today will insist that supporters of the struggle for freedom continue on the path outlined by those of the past. While convenient and effortless, like any other "quick fix" which bears no fruit, it defies logic when examined carefully. No condition can be treated until it has first been diagnosed properly. Through years of study, as well as personal observation and experience, I have come to learn that we are sometimes more in our own way than anyone else ever could be.