Supreme Network's Money Mentality: 15 Principles Toward Becoming Rich

Posted by Andre Jacobs on

Everything begins and ends with you, not "luck" or circumstance.

The world is a manifestation of thought. Therefore, people create conditions. If you want success and riches, set your goals, work your plan and do not stop until you get what you want because it will not be given to you.

Nothing from nothing equals what? NOTHING.

The 15 Principles Toward Becoming Rich

The following 15 principles are life lessons that Supreme Network members practice every day. Use them and your life will change forever:

  1. Help Yourself First. The best way to help the poor is to not be one of them. It is not possible to give something to anyone that you do not have. So, don't let your heart outweigh your intelligence.
  2. Results. The most important symbol in math is the (=) sign because it gives us the bottom line of everything we have been through. If we cannot show the results of our labor maybe our numbers are
  3. Master One Thing. You are a master if you excel in a specific area of life, no matter how small. Whatever you are good at, dedicate your time to becoming better at it and put a price tag on it; whether it is what you cook, how you dance, or the advice you give.
  4. Success, Nothing Less. What you put out, you get back. Success doesn't "just happen" for anyone. We must plan for it. Thought + Action = Results. Think it, write it down, breathe it, live it..GO GET IT!
  5. Money. Money is just a tool to "fix' and build things. The more you have of it, the sooner your dreams will become reality. But, first, we must dare to dream, dream big, and what we need to achieve it will come to us. Money is a mentality.
  6. People Potential. "Everyone is supreme, in their own way". Trees become great and beautiful when watered and properly nurtured. Know what you need to grow.
  7. Thinking. Nothing you have, had, or ever will have is more valuable than your mind. The only limitations on your future are the ones you accept in your mind. Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise to grow stronger. You have to think like a winner to be a winner.
  8. Social Power. To "be" someone in this world means you are useful to others. The more you develop your reputation as the "go to" person, for whatever reason, the more powerful you are. "If you want to be a millionaire, help a million people".
  9. Time Control. Rich and poor people have the exact same amount of time in a day to pursue their dreams. Rich people work smart and dedicate their time toward their goals. Poor people work hard and spend a lot of their time with entertainment but still expect the benefits of being rich.
  10. Youth. The hope of every nation rests in its youth. Without children, humanity has no future. When we build empires to live up to the promise of freedom for our children throughout the world, we never tire and we never fail.
  11. Network. The power has always been in organized numbers and talents. Build and connect with people who are, at minimum, trying to make progress in their lives and never expect results from those who have no ambition, motivation or vision.
  12. Power. All power begins within. it is then applied with service, not control, of people. By creating systems that empower and protect others, we demonstrate the true essence of love and loyalty to the people and things we are committed to.
  13. Self-Mastery. Everyone knows "things" but not everyone knows themselves. Find your strengths and weaknesses, whether physical, mental, educational, or emotional, and commit to improving them every day.
  14. Speak Your Truth. Never hide who you are, what you like or where you come from because your story is powerful. Your story can inspire others to find their power within. When you see yourself as living for others rather than living for yourself, this principle will come naturally.
  15. Service. Know that businesses, organizations, inventions, and relationships are most successful when created with others in mind, because the essence of all power is service.


Success is a series of steps toward specific goals that you eventually reach, to whatever extent.

Supreme Network is the movement of money, action, and results; not philosophy, pyrrhic victories or hope fiends. We see and face the world for what it is. We acknowledge and are aware of the transgressions of the system but we don't let it define or break us. We refuse to talk, act or live our lives like victims.

This movement approaches every day, every opportunity, and every war with the mindset of winners because our life of struggle and survival prepared us for victory over any obstacle because "Without vision the people perish".