Freedom by Maurice Stevens

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Written By Maurice Stevens

Freedom -

Does it exist; Can it be felt… Can it be seen? Or is it just a word, conjured, spoken, then given to the masses from the intellectuals of this world; who strive off the đefining of things?

I've wondered… And so I've searched – high and low, to and fro – through experience; my own, and those of others, as I've seen and felt them. Now concluding that Freedom does exist. But! As much as it does, it doesn't. As all other tangible and passional things of this world stand, so does freedom – In need of itself and its opposite, to be sustained. At least this is how I see it at this point of in my life; And if you disagree as I believe all writers seek to do, allow me the chance to elucidate. For a moment, let me attempt to place my heart in your chest and my eyes in your head, running off the hope that 'maybe' you'll come to concede my view, once you've felt with y heart and seen through the eyes that I see through!

Freedom doesn't exist: Here's my rationale - All living things are
slave to something, (i .e. The Intellectuals, their search - The Artists, their craft - The Religious, religion - The Beast, Desire - The Ant, its work - The flower, its will - and so forth) all have need, which gives Birth to search, which finds meaning, which then develops into passion, and passion negates Freedom. Passion will not allow one a mere minute of acquaintance with Freedom. See, Passion is as the devoted wife who's fully cognizant of the inviting courtesan (freedom), doing all she can to keep one focused on Reason (passion) and away from Desire. Leaving one free from everything 'except', that which they're servant to (Passionate about) : And freedom has never lain within the walls of exception. Simply because the two cannot co-exist; therefore while one is in existence, the other's non-existent. "Freedom Doesn't Exist".

Now, before I move on to Freedom existence allow me a brief moment within this moment to quote, then criticize two authors from my history whom I revere to the highest point of awe. Only seeing myself fit to do so because the both of them have left room for me. (i.e. the words "Maybe" and "Perhaps").

The first of the two will be Ralp Ellison, in his book Invisible Man,
where he's said: "Maybe freedom lies in Hating."

Now, true hate is reactionary: No one in this world hates (anyone or anything) without reason (without provocation). And though one may have reason to hate, (its been taught, or developed over time) one seldom does so on one's accord, therefore stripping freedom from the act. (Hating) Where she has never truly lain in the first place; for to react is to act in response; A move in the secondary which hints at freedom, but has never known her (freedom) to tell of her place of residence: "Freedom Doesn't lie in Hating."

On to the latter of the two, Addison Gayle. Jr, in his essay "The Son of my Father"; where he quotes Mr.Ellison (above quote) with praise. Then goes on to say, "But if not, perhaps freedom lies in realizing that one Hates."

Now, though Mr. Gayle, Jr., takes a step closer to "a home" he hasn't found "the home." For realization just marks the becoming off cognizance, and nothing more; It still lacks the action (the opening of the door) though it brings one to the door step. One will never truly know if Freedom lies in hating unless they open the doors of hating and glance in. Where they'll find Freedom Not! For freedom has never lain within the walls of hating - But one shall find an old friend within the walls of hating - Another master that jealous house wife - Passion!!!

Freedom does exist: Only within the walls of choice. Yes, choice is the name of the home in which freedom has lain since time began; For it is only within choice that freedom can be true to herself - True to her name. So never will she leave its confines; though many come within choice and wish to have freedom leave with them, never will she: For freedom is choice, and choice without exception is freedom. (After one leaves the confines of choice, one must journey alone, forever under the hand of their chosen master till they again desire freedom to the point they negate their chosen master (passion) and enter choice once more, finding freedom.)

Know though, if one sits within choice long enough, Freedom will introduce them to choice within her found home. (choice within choice)

See, I've found that Freedom - as she stands - is only one's being able to choose freely that which they are servant to. Crazy right? But such is life. And such shall mark the end of my telling of freedom truth. Yet I'll add a Perhaps and Maybe leaving room for you.