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Andre Jacobs is an author, speaker, and founder and CEO of Supreme Network Global.

Andre’s story begins like so many others born into poverty in America’s ghettos. But the man he became, despite being set to adult prison at age 15 then spending 17 years in solitary confinement, is nothing short of miraculous. In his writing and speaking, Andre tells the incredible story of how he went to prison illiterate, taught himself how to read and write, then went on to act as his own attorney in a civil rights lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and won an unprecedented $185,000. But his story does not end there.

Andre Jacobs

After winning his case, Andre continued his advocacy from his solitary confinement cell where prison guards retaliated against him with physical abuse, destruction of his property, and additional criminal charges, turning what was a 3-10 year sentence into a total of 23 years served. Andre refused to give up and sued the Pennsylvania State of Corrections again, this time topping his previous victory by being awarded close to $300,000.

Whether speaking to a classroom of law students and professors at Duquesne University or being nominated as a panelist to speak on the issue of mass incarceration at the University of Pittsburgh, it’s being made clear to the world that Andre’s story about how he overcame the greatest odds is a tribute to the strength of the human soul that deserves to be heard. Andre would love to share his inspiring tale of triumph over adversity with audiences and readers to give them hope and help them adopt the mindset that helped him survive and made his victories possible.

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